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Once reserved for CEOs and elite athletes, Life Coaching has rapidly become popular among a diverse and growing number people, like you. Life Coaching encompasses Career Coaches, Executive Coaches, Change Coaches, Personal Coaches, Whole Life Coaches, and much more. Unlike Counselors who do psychotherapy or talk therapy and unlike Consultants who offer their expert advice, Life Coaches help cli

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Are you stressed, tired, or need a boost in confidence?

Are you frustrated about your life?  Do you even feel "stuck" in life sometimes?  Well according to CNN, life coaches can help you get "unstuck".  Personally, I haven't even herd of life coaches until I recently was informed about them.  I must say that at first I thought

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What is your life purpose?

lighthouse coaching
People are born with a life purpose. Some people never look for it so it remains unspoken their whole lives, but it is there. Our life purpose is the reason we are on this planet. It is the thing we are meant to accomplish, the gift we are meant to bring. Life purpose is not about a job or even a vocation.

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Michelle Bohls, NCC
Coaching can help you overcome the emotional blocks that prevent you from having all that you want! Michelle Bohls is a Nationall Certified Counselor who does Whole Life & Career Coaching, including Exploration, Value Clarification, Goal Setting, and Accountability. Also, learn the skills of Interviewing, Negotiation, and/or Networking. Michelle also does Relationship Coaching. She teaches a core group of communication skills that will improve your all of your relationships. Michelle works with both singles and couples. Are you ready to gain energy towards the achievment of your goals? Michelle welcomes your call to explore if she can be helpful to you. People who want more creativity in their life and want to create change often find that Michelle's style resonates with them. Her use of metaphor, references from popular films and culture, and her keen insight help her clients better understand the beliefs and experiences that block them from their goals. Michelle uses her training as a Professional Counselor and business background as an Executive Recruiter and Career Coach to support you in creating change in your life: better relationships, a better career, and more. Michelle will teach you communication skills that work in both the career and social arenas of your life. Michelle is fully trained in EMDR, level 2. (See for more information) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Book an appointment today and start moving toward your new life!
Linda Taylor
Have the experience of coaching with Linda.: discover your life purpose, find fulfillment, enjoy a life that is in balance and harmony in all aspects of life. You can have it. The answers and the way are within you. Make an appointment for a free one hour coaching session and take the first step in a life you love.


Austin, TX 

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